Ray Sandelli

On The Issues


Get to know how Ray stands on issues that matter to voters in Lee County!

Our Economy and Growth

Ray’s personal and business experience bring a unique perspective to help further diversify our economy. He understands that it is crucial to retain existing and attract dynamic new industries to the area in order to diversify and protect our region’s long-term stability. Ray will fight to reduce regulations and keep taxes low for families and businesses so that our economy is not burdened by the heavy hand of government.

Our Water and Environment

Ray knows our quality of life depends on our ability to preserve, protect, and responsibly enjoy our natural resources. He will work tirelessly to balance the needs of our growing community while still preserving the unique character and charm of Southwest Florida and our delicate environment. Ray will also fight to protect the quality of our water. He will continue working on local solutions to our local issues, while partnering with our state, local, and federal officials to ensure we receive the funding to complete the projects that are crucial to improving and protecting our water quality.

Pathways to Employment Opportunities

Ray understands the need to encourage and develop skilled trades in order to meet our increasing employment needs and provide additional pathways to high paying jobs in Lee County. Increasing access to vocational training will create a skilled workforce ready to meet the demands of local job creators. Ray is dedicated to bringing more trade and vocational schools to our community to offer additional opportunities to learn a skilled trade.

Our Heroes

Ray served with great pride when he wore the uniform of our Country. That respect runs deep for all those who have and are serving to protect our nation and county. Ensuring that our first responders, medical personnel, and teachers are afforded the respect and incentives to best provide for their families is a very personal mission for Ray. He will continue this to ensure that those who serve and protect us are in turn valued and served by their community.

Our 2nd Amendment

We live a world today which makes the protection of the right to bear arms indisputable. With that right comes the responsibility to also keep arms in the hands of law-abiding citizens. Ray will vigorously help to protect that constitutional right.

Protecting Taxpayer Dollars

As a steadfast conservative and experienced businessman, Ray takes very seriously the fiscal responsibility of spending tax dollars wisely and will fight any wasteful government spending. He will diligently scrutinize every dollar spent by the County Commission to ensure it is going back to benefit the community he serves.